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Application Software Engineer

Job Responsibilities

1、Responsible for the development of Linux application software for embedded systems, and decompose the software requirements of PON  products
2、Software design, product optimization and maintenance
3、Write code to ensure that the PON module functions correctly
4、Support PON module unit testing, software problem analysis and performance optimization
1、Education: Bachelor degree or above;
2、Major: computer/software, communication, electronics, automatic control and other related majors;
3、Work experience: more than 3 years of C language development and embedded software development experience;
4、Knowledge requirements: familiar with ITU984.x/ITU988.x/IEEE802.3ah/IGMP /TCPIP and other protocols and related application layers and driver codes; Understand protocols such as Layer 2 and Layer 3 protocols and switching routers for access terminal products;
5、Ability requirements: have a sense of teamwork and communication skills, and have certain ability to analyze and solve problems;

Hardware Engineer
Job Responsibilities

1、Design the schematic diagram of the product and the PCB of the product, and maintain the corresponding BOM;
2、Complete PCBA debugging and sample production, and be responsible for solving customer feedback problems;
3、Assist the testing department and QA department to complete the sample DVT test and reliability test;
4、Assist ATE engineers to complete the debugging software and assist NPI to complete trial production;
5、Assist the production department to complete the product conversion work, continuously track the production problems of the product, and assist in the analysis and solution;
6、Solve the product technical problems reported by customers, and summarize the solutions to similar problems in the future.
Job Requirements
1、Education: 2022-2023 graduate master's graduates;
2、Have good team spirit, fluent English reading and writing skills, hard-working;
3、Familiar with the tool software candence/protel used in the design;
4、Electronics/communication/optoelectronics, with a certain foundation in optical, electrical and software knowledge;
5、Have good working habits and working methods;
6、Good learning ability and team spirit.
Sales Manager
Job Responsibilities
1、According to the company's marketing strategy, be responsible for the market development and sales in the region, expand the sales and product market share of the product in the region under responsibility, increase the sales value, and implement and complete the sales                  target; 
2、Maintain good communication with customers and grasp customer needs in real time. To provide customers with proactive, enthusiastic, satisfactory and thoughtful service; 
3、According to the company's products, prices and market strategies, handle inquiries, quotations, negotiation of contract terms and contract signing
4、Dynamically grasp the market price, regularly provide market analysis and sales forecast to the company
5、Maintain and develop new sales channels and new customers, independently develop and expand upstream and downstream users, especially end users.
1、College degree or above, microwave RF, communication or electronic components sales and other related industry experience, optical module  sales experience is preferred and treatment is preferred
2、More than one year of relevant work experience
3、Adapt to frequent business trips, love sales work, cheerful personality, sense of responsibility and team spirit, brave to challenge.
Sales Engineer
Job Responsibilities
1、Responsible for the development and maintenance of customer relationships, discovering new customers, organizing the implementation of sales strategies, and completing sales targets
2、Establish smooth customer communication channels, preside over customer business negotiations and transactions, implement customer payment recovery, and create long-term, good and stable regional customer relationships
3、Ensure the achievement of sales performance.
1、Bachelor degree or above, more than 2 years of relevant work experience in the communication industry, sales experience in optical module industry is preferred
2、CET-6 or above, with strong English listening, speaking, reading and writing skills, proficient in using English to communicate with others
3、Have a certain degree of pressure resistance and be able to make reasonable plans according to sales tasks
4、Have good customer communication and negotiation skills, channel expansion ability and self-management ability
5、Have good professional ethics, professionalism, sense of responsibility, team spirit, and be able to adapt to business trips.